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Joksinženjering employs graduated civil, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Our engineers are in charge of managing the construction sites and organizing the complete execution of work, in coordination with the designer and the investor.

We are particularly flexible and mobile in case of changes to the project or special requirements by the investors.

Joksinženjering has a long-standing experience and references of completed facilities where we were general contractors, which implies the construction, machine and electrical works with the purchase of necessary equipment.

Project Management

Joksinzenjering construction project management facilitates the performance of the all project through planning, supervising and coordinating all activities, resources and costs.

We manage the project in a way that it is finalized on time and in determined budget.

Our team completes the project according to design, building codes, plans, specifications and all adopted standards and regulations.

Our project management is defined in five phases i.e. initiation, planning, execution, performance, monitoring and closure.

Investment Projects

We participate in realization of residential and commercial real estate projects through various project financing arrangements and techniques.

Along with the design we provide construction management services ensuring smooth navigation through all phases of the process in order to avoid costly mistakes, budget overruns or potential legal issues.

With our on-site technical supervisors, we enforce coordination between design and construction, process changes and synchronize subcontractors, while keeping in mind the main goal – delivery of the project as early as possible, within the budget and with the optimum level of quality!





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